Disability Awareness Day


The different schools of Lokvishwas Pratishthan celebrates all relevant days related to disability, to draw the attention of the general public, politicians and developmental authorities towards the achievement and accomplishment of Special Children. And also to promote better and healthy life, respectability, self esteem, education and work for these children.

To make the public realize that these days are not  days merely extend our sympathies to these children, but to see it as an opportunity to make a ‘difference’ in their lives.


Following days are celebrated:


  • International Day of Deaf (every year in last week i.e. last Sunday of the month of September),to create awareness among the public to show how much the Hearing Impaired could contribute to society and the country’s economic growth.
  • White Cane Day (every year on 15th October), to celebrate the achievements of people who are visually impaired.
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities (every year on 3rd December), to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well being of persons with disabilities.
  • World Autism Awareness Day (every year on 2nd April) , to make people understand autism, and accept people with autism, foster world wide support, spread kindness, awareness and inspire people.
  • World Cerebral Palsy Day (every year on 6th October), to recognize and celebrate the 17 million people around the world living with cerebral palsy.
  • Down’s Syndrome Day 21st March
  • World Braille Day 4th January
  • As a part of this celebration we hold activities, conduct rallies and informative lectures, public information campaigns, visit to places like old age homes, orphanages, schools, colleges and organize various competitions for the entertainment of our special children.